Private Classes

Strengthen your writing with an individually tailored curriculum

Private classes provide the opportunity to educate your child in a one-on-one or small-group setting, using a curriculum tailored to your child’s unique needs. This setting affords the greatest flexibility in terms of content, pacing, and scheduling. If desired, a private 1:1 setting also allows us to incorporate your child’s schoolwork into lessons or provide support with test prep or school applications.

In addition to 1:1 lessons, we also offer private lessons to small groups of up to three students. Usually, this happens when a few parents come to us, asking for their children to study together. These children are often friends, cousins, neighbors, teammates, and so on. Before we start, we will evaluate the children to ensure they are a good academic fit. Generally, we look to pair students who are similar in maturity level, reading comprehension, and writing ability. Good matches are typically within one grade level.

Many students begin with one year of private instruction to master the fundamentals before transitioning to a group class, where they can benefit from a more collaborative environment. That said, each child’s needs vary. Schedule a consultation today to discuss whether private instruction is the right fit for your child.

Thank you soooo much! My husband and I read this long email word by word. We are so grateful to have you! I’ll have April go through the vocabulary you suggested. Suddenly I feel that she can make it this time! Again, we really appreciate the effort you put into this!

Xiaoming, RWC parent in Essex County, New Jersey

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