2023-24 Academic Year Rates

*Effective now through August 31, 2024

No. of StudentsHourly Rate
(varies by instructor)
2 students85
3 students75
4 students65
Group Class:
Academic Year
2,340 for 36 classes (65/class)
Group Class: SummerVaries by class
IEW Composition GradingVaries by level; see here
+ Additional Fees
  • Nonrefundable Registration Fee: $25 per student
  • Materials: Approximately $50 per year depending on child’s age and needs
+ Billing Schedule
  • Private Classes. Families will pre-pay for their classes on a monthly basis. On the 1st of each month, their preferred payment method will be charged for the classes they have scheduled in the electronic system for that month. If a parent needs to cancel a class, they should do so prior to the 1st of the month in which that class occurs in order to avoid being billed for it. If a parent cancels a class for which they have already paid in accordance with the cancellation policy, then they will be issued a credit for the value of the class to be applied to their next invoice. If a parent adds an additional class to a month whose balance has already been paid, then the cost of that additional class will be added to their next invoice.
  • Group Classes. Academic year group classes can be paid in full or on a payment plan. Summer group classes must be paid in full upon enrollment.
+ Discounts
  • Referral Program: We consider a referral the ultimate compliment. We offer $50 off any service of your choice for every family you refer who utilizes RWC’s services.
  • Sibling Discount: We welcome the opportunity to work with your entire family. If you enroll more than one child, each younger sibling of your oldest enrolled child will receive a 10% sibling discount.
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