IEW Essay Grading
  • Recommended for homeschooling students who are learning from The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) videos but do not have a parent or instructor to grade/edit their writing.
Graders will:
  • Evaluate writer’s use of their learned stylistic techniques according to their Composition Checklist
  • Check basic writing mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Though graders may provide a brief explanation of a particular mistake or may direct the writer to review a particular IEW resource, this offering does not include a formal lesson on IEW writing concepts. If a student would like such a lesson, then they may book Academic Essay Support described below.

Academic Essay Support
  • Recommended for students seeking assistance with a particular writing assignment, such as undergraduate students writing term papers
Students will receive…
  • high-level, developmental feedback along with sentence-level edits.
  • lessons on relevant writing concepts or grammar principles.
  • guidance on how to move forward independently after the session.

Typically, students with ordinary writing skills require 2-4 sessions plus several hours of independent work to achieve a polished piece that they are proud to submit.

Academic writing pieces brought to these sessions may include: Lab Reports, Research Papers, Philosophy Essays, Comparative Literature Essays, Narrative Essays, Business School Reports, Personal Statements.

Creative Writing Support
  • Recommended for writers of creative projects of any age seeking to work with engaged critical reader who analyzes the ideas within their work.
Students will receive…
  • insight into how their instructor interpreted their work.
  • suggestions, feedback, and questions related to all aspects of their piece.
  • lessons on relevant writing concepts or grammar principles.
  • the opportunity to discuss their work with a capable writer.

Such creative pieces may include: Short Stories, Novels, Poems, Blog Posts, Plays, Speeches, Memoirs, Movie and Television Scripts, Comic Strips.

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