IEW® All Things Fun & Fascinating Part I of II

IEW® Theme-Based Writing
for Grades 3-4

This class is FULL! To request a new session be opened, please email We are happy to open another session if there is adequate interest.

Course Overview

This is a small writing class designed for third grade students to learn to write according to the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s unique methodology, called Structure and Style. The class is taught by Ms. Sydney Hoff, a Registered IEW Instructor.

In this class, students will learn to take notes, retell narrative stories, and summarize references. This class will cover Units 1-4 of the nine units in the IEW program. Students will also practice dress ups, sentence openers, and decorations.

This class’s theme is: All Things Fun and Fascinating. Students will learn about humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history while they practice and master fundamental writing skills. While the primary purpose of these lessons is to learn to write, the themed lessons serve to broaden students’ subject knowledge and capture their interest.

Course Dates

This is a 15-week course that meets on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 PM EST. The course runs from September 9, 2020 to December 16, 2020.

Additional sessions may be opened in response to demand.

*No class will be held the week of November 23.

Course Frequency

There is one 60-minute class per week.

Class Size

Maximum capacity per session is five students.

Technology Requirements
  • Online Class Platform: Zoom
  • Learning Management System: Google Classroom

All students must have either their own email address or access to a parent’s email address in order to join Google Classroom. In addition, students should be familiar with how to scan, save, and submit their work. Students should also have access to Microsoft Word (or an equivalent program).

Course Curriculum
Writing and Poetry Memorization

IEW Writing
Each academic year, students progress through all nine of the IEW units and stylistic techniques, but they write progressively longer assignments using more complex source texts and are held to higher writing standards. This class will cover Units 1-4 of the IEW program along with various stylistic techniques.

Linguistic Development through Poetry Practice
Students will memorize and recite poems in the IEW Level I Poetry Book. They can expect to memorize one poem per week. There will be an optional end-of-semester poetry recital.

Course Materials
  • All Things Fun & Fascinating Writing Lessons Student Book, sold here ($29)
  • Binder with dividers and lined paper
  • Small pouch for storing notecards

Writing assignments take approximately 60 minutes per week.

Parent Communication

Parents can expect a monthly summary of the class material covered. Ms. Sydney provides brief feedback to parents throughout the semester and parents can contact Ms. Sydney, to arrange periodic teleconferences to discuss their child’s learning.

Enrollment Fee

$700 ($50/class)

Continuing Education

This fall course covers approximately half of the lessons in the workbook. Part II of II will be offered in the spring semester with the same workbook. In Part II of this course, continuing students will learn Units 4-7 and additional stylistic techniques.


You may contact with any questions.

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