Although RWC does not require an annual commitment, most students remain in the program for the full academic year. This chart displays what a year in the program looks like.

Fall Term
Sept. to Dec.
(15 weeks)
Enroll your child into the appropriate level of the RWC program. In the fall, students will study up to Unit 3 or Unit 4 depending on their age.
Spring Term
Jan. to June
(24 weeks)
Students will study up to Unit 7, 8, or 9 depending on their age. By the conclusion of this term, students will have completed their level of the RWC program.
Summer Term
July to Aug.
(8 weeks)
Continuing Students: Enroll in an enrichment writing course, focused on topics such as creative writing, grammar, event description, or formal essay writing.

New Students: Enroll your child in an age-appropriate introductory Writing Foundations course, which teaches the foundations of the IEW program to new students so that they are well-prepared to enter a full-year IEW course in the fall.

Does my child have to take a Writing Foundations class in order to take a full-year writing course?

No, there is no pre-requisite to enroll in a full-year writing course. The purpose of the Writing Foundations courses is to afford new students the opportunity to learn the Structure and Style methodology while building basic writing ability. Students in a Writing Foundations course often transition together into a full-year writing course, so this is also a chance to become acquainted with classmates.

Can I join RWC mid-year, or do I have to wait until the summer/fall to enroll?

You can enroll mid-year! Group classes are offered by the semester, so new students joining mid-year may enroll in either private or semi-private classes.

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