Writing Exercises


There are nine units in the IEW program. Each unit represents a structural model, or type of writing assignment.

Writing Units
Unit 1: Note Making and Outlines
This is the only non-writing unit, in which students study and practice note taking practices to create an outline of a single paragraph. Students use this method of outlining to plan their pieces throughout the rest of the program.
Unit 2: Writing from Notes
Students use their outlines to re-create a paragraph in their own words.
Unit 3: Retelling Narrative Stories
In this early creative writing unit, students craft 3-paragraph stories that contain the key story elements (characters, setting, conflict, climax, resolution).
Unit 4: Summarizing a Reference
Here, students work from one provided source text to craft their own paragraph about a given topic.
Unit 5: Writing from Pictures
We return to creative writing as students study given images and practice asking questions to generate ideas for an engaging event description.
Unit 6: Summarizing Multiple References
In this unit, students draw on what they learned in Unit 4, but now they pull facts from multiple sources to compile their first research report.
Unit 7: Inventive Writing
Students complete fiction and non-fiction pieces by drawing on information from the brain and organizing it on paper.
Unit 8: Formal Essay Models
Unit 8 requires students to take what they have learned and then add their own opinion to it.
Unit 9: Formal Critique
Unit 9 tasks students with summarizing a novel, movie, poem, or play, arguing whether it is good or not, and providing a compelling explanation of why.


Students are taught stylistic techniques to employ in their own writing. Once they are introduced to a technique, they practice it in every assignment they write. The goal is to achieve mastery.

  • -ly Adverb
  • Who-Which Clause
  • Strong Verb
  • Quality Adjective
  • Because Clause
  • www. asia clause (when, where, while, as, since, if, although, because)
Sentence Openers
  • #1 Subject-Verb
  • #2 Prepositional
  • #3 -ly Adverb
  • #4 -ing
  • #5 Clausal
  • #6 Very Short Sentence
  • Alliteration
  • Simile
  • Hyperbole
  • Metaphor
  • Dramatic Opener & Closer
  • 3 Short Staccato Sentences
  • Conversation & Quotation
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