Our Partnership with Aspire Academy

If your child has difficulty reading or has been diagnosed with dyslexia,  you may have heard that IEW offers a tailored approach to  help them grow as writers. As a first step, we suggest children strengthen their literacy skills to achieve grade-level standards.  For those reading below  grade level, we recommend  Aspire Academy, a learning center specializing in dyslexia screening, reading tutoring, and parent support. After two to three years of active participation, most Aspire students reach grade-level proficiency in reading and spelling. At this time, they are ready to begin the IEW writing program at Rose Writing Center.

Aspire Academy’s Executive Director Heidi Stoffel shares Rose Writing Center’s vision for effective, personalized instruction. Heidi is a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner who is Level 1 Certified in the Wilson Reading System. In addition, she has completed the Susan Barton Master’s level class in Screening for Dyslexia. Heidi and her team of highly skilled tutors have a proven track record of success, helping countless students transform their relationship to reading. 

Developing as a writer is a lifelong journey. At Rose Writing Center, we are proud to partner with Aspire Academy to prepare students of all abilities for reading, writing, and academic success.

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