IEW Principles of Grammar (The Nose Tree 1/3)

IEW Principles of Grammar

(The Nose Tree Part 1/3)

Strengthen your writing

Fridays from 4:30 to 5:15 PM EST


This is a beginning grammar class for students entering grades 4-6 to learn fundamental grammar principles. This class will study from The Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree workbook. Each week students learn new grammar principles. For homework, they become detectives who seek and correct grammar errors in sentences from a real story. 

This unique approach to grammar learning is both effective and enjoyable, and most importantly, it trains students to apply grammar rules to their own writing.


Students will learn the first eight lessons out of thirty-three in “The Nose Tree” workbook. These lessons cover:

  • Part of Speech
    • Nouns
    • Articles
    • Pronouns
    • Who-Which Clauses
    • Action Verbs
  • Punctuation
    • End Marks
    • Quotations
  • Homophones and Usage
    • There, their, they’re
  • Other Concepts
    • Indent
  • Vocabulary
    • Poor, Destitute, Wretched, Gloomy, Keeping watch, Alert, Dwarf, Rebuffing, Plight, Worthy, Comrades, Don, Elfin, In due time, Likewise, Sociable, Purse, Awarding, Graciously, Curious, Dumbfounded, Survey, Settle down, Wondrous, Trice, Encircled, Abundant, Dapple-gray, Splendid, Dwell, Neighboring, Elegant 

Class Size

6 students maximum


Schedule: Fridays 4:30 to 5:15 PM EST
Duration: 8 weeks
First Class: July 9, 2021
Last Class: August 27, 2021

Enrollment Fees
  • $300

Lead Teacher: Ms. Lauren Bridgeford is a New York City-based English teacher who specializes in ESL and General English courses for children and adults. She graduated with a BA in Literature from Hunter College and holds a DELTA certification (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University. Ms. Bridgeford has taught English both stateside and abroad for the last decade and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Secondary Education from NYU.  She is also pursuing her accreditation as an IEW instructor.

Assistant Teacher: Ms. Lajiere Blake holds her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Stonybrook University. As the Arts and Culture Editor for her campus newspaper, The Statesman, Ms. Blake worked closely with dozens of student writers to polish their pieces prior to publication. While serving as a Teaching Assistant, Ms. Blake delivered lessons and graded assignments for junior and senior college students. In 2020, Ms. Blake joined Rose Writing Center and began studying under the guidance of its founder, Ms. Sydney. She is pursuing her accreditation as an IEW instructor.

>Required Materials
  • “The Nose Tree” Student Workbook (purchase here)
  • 2″ binder or notebook with lined paper

Students will label and copy one sentence per day, four days per week. This should take 15 minutes daily, for one hour per week total.

>Technology Requirements

Learning Management System:
Google Classroom

Students must have either their own email address or access to a parent’s email address in order to join Google Classroom.

Online Class Platform:

Students can follow Zoom’s hardware and software guidelines to prepare their environment.

Students should be familiar with how to scan, save, and submit their work. Although most assignments will be handwritten, students should also have access to Microsoft Word (or an equivalent program).


There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course, but because grammar is a sophisticated subject, most students are not ready to begin formal grammar study until they have completed third grade.

>Continuing Education

This is a three-part course. Students will have the option to take Part II in Fall 2021 and Part III in the Spring 2022.

Grammar is the system of language, the study of how sentences are constructed, and ultimately, the science which studies a thought process. Understanding grammar affords students precision of thought, a lifelong gift.

Note: The minimum enrollment required for this course is four (4) students. Rose Writing Center reserves the right to cancel this course in the event that fewer than four students enroll. Students enrolled in a canceled course will be duly notified and may choose to either receive a full refund or transfer to another course by Rose Writing Center.

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