IEW Composition Grading

This offering is for students learning from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) videos and in need of someone to edit or grade their work. Our IEW-accredited instructors stand ready to assist with your grading needs.

We offer two types of grading:

  1. Simple edit checks for mechanics, spelling, formatting, basic grammar, and legal use of IEW techniques.
  2. Advanced feedback includes commentary on organization of ideas, logic and relevancy of content, depth of analysis, and word choice and phrasing. Students can submit a revised draft for a second quicker review to ensure recommended changes were implemented.
Grading Fees
Level / # of paragraphsSimpleAdvanced
Level A
Level B
Level C
Prior to signing up, we will need to see a writing sample from your child.
These prices are calculated assuming a fairly standard draft for this age that is reasonably well-written.
Feedback Process
  • The student will submit the draft along with the assignment’s Composition Checklist.
  • Typed drafts
    • Typed drafts should be in a Google doc, double-spaced.
    • We will return to the student a Google doc with comments as well as a short video with our instructor walking your child through key points.
  • Handwritten drafts
    • Handwritten drafts should be clearly scanned PDFs or high-resolution JPGs
    • We will return to the student an annotated draft with handwritten comments as well as a short video with our instructor walking your child through key points.
  • Typical turnaround time is three business days.
Additional Support
  • Grading students can schedule a time to review their draft and the feedback they received in 20-minute increments, charged at $110/hour.
  • Though graders may provide a brief explanation of a particular mistake or may direct the writer to review a particular IEW resource, this offering does not include a formal lesson on IEW writing concepts. If a student would like such instruction, they may book a private lesson with one of our instructors.

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