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Begin your child’s journey to writing excellence today.

A few hours per week can shape your child into a competent, compelling communicator.

What We Do

Rose Writing Center provides a comprehensive, mastery-based online writing education to students in grades 3-12. Our program is modeled off of the Structure and Style methodology created by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). This systematic approach shapes children into skilled writers.

How We Are Different

We believe clear writing
starts with clear thinking.

We teach students a framework to independently organize, develop, and refine their ideas. With each composition, students apply skills for structured planning, higher order thinking, and guided revision. We believe all students can achieve
clarity of thought.

We teach students how to
write before what to write.

We believe writing is a skill best developed through practice and
imitation, much like learning an instrument. Our assignments incorporate text reconstruction, with students writing compositions from source material that models exceptional writing.

We provide tailored
feedback on each draft.

Our instructors serve as editors during the drafting process, providing individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement. Instructor feedback reinforces that writing is an iterative process requiring collaboration, reflection, and revision.

Getting Started

How RWC has helped other families

I am so grateful to have you with us. My son’s passion for writing has grown and I’ve found my inner peace back since we enrolled with Rose Writing Center. He has made phenomenal developments and I am sure we are on the right track!


-Long, RWC parent in Syosset, New York

My 4th – grade daughter is currently taking RWC’s writing/reading class with Ms. Sydney and she absolutely loves it! She enjoyed the selection of literature works, the in-class teacher-students interaction, and the assigned reading / writing practices. Moreover, Ms. Sydney also emphasizes on inspiring student’s passion for literature by developing good reading habit and organizing students’ participation in various writing competitions and other relevant events. I’ve recommended RWC to many of my friends and my daughter will also continue learning with RWC.


-Nina, RWC parent in Westchester County, New York

We started homeschooling during the pandemic two years ago. As a new homeschooling mom, I tried several different writing programs for my 3rd grader. I came across Rose Writing Center. This program has helped my son tremendously! He no longer is a reluctant writer. Sydney is a wonderful teacher! She makes writing fun for her students. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their writing skills. It has been a relief knowing that my son is receiving excellent writing instruction.


-Jacqui, RWC parent in Fairfax County, Virginia

You amaze me from all perspectives, especially your composure, approach, and true love and care for the kids.


-Siqi, RWC parent in Hudson County, New Jersey

I read my son’s draft of The Ant and the Grasshopper, and I was super surprised at how interesting and original it was. Did he come up with the ideas on his own?


–RWC parent in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Eason and I just read his monthly report, and he is very satisfied with his own performance this month. This is great, thank you!


-Mingming, RWC parent in Essex County, New Jersey

My wife and I first heard of Rose Writing Center through a family friend who told us they had found an excellent English tutor for their son. Given the high standards they hold for their child’s education, we knew there had to be something special about this program. Our assumption was correct. Our daughter has thrived in the RWC program.


-Edward, RWC parent in Howard County, Maryland

I am very grateful for your dedication and efforts in helping Mason grow not only his writing ability but also his self-esteem. Our discussion yesterday was truly informative. I’ll check out the resources you shared immediately.


-Tina, RWC parent in Essex County, New Jersey

I’m so glad that Maia is doing well and most importantly, I am so happy that she enjoys your class! She always looks so happy and motivated after her session with you. I am grateful for your instruction and advice!


-Fumiko, RWC parent in Westchester County, New York

Thank you soooo much! My husband and I read this long email word by word. We are so grateful to have you! I’ll have April go through the vocabulary you suggested. Suddenly I feel that she can make it this time! Again, we really appreciate the effort you put into this!


-Xiaoming, RWC parent in Essex County, New Jersey

So Damian’s school started grammar today. Simple stuff like sentences start with a capital letter and end with a period. Damian raised his hand. He proudly mentioned that he knows grammar and that he takes a grammar class and innocently asked if he should also label all the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. because he knows them. Very sweet. I thought you would want to know.


-Radu, RWC parent in Hudson County, New Jersey

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