Who We Are

Rose Writing Center was founded to provide a comprehensive, mastery-based writing education to students of all ages.

Our program is modeled off of the Structure and Style methodology created by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). Our instructors are accredited with IEW.

What We Do

Rose Writing Center takes the mystery out of what constitutes “good” writing so that students write purposefully to achieve well-defined goals. Once writing becomes an objective activity, rather than a guessing game of wondering what the teacher wants, students often begin to enjoy it.

Who We Help

You belong on this page if you are seeking an alternative approach for your child to learn to write. We partner with parents who wish for their children the clarity of thought, command of grammar, and developed vocabulary that yield excellent writing.

Welcome Letter

Dear Families,

I am proud to announce the launch of Rose Writing Center, which will offer premier writing instruction to students of all ages.

My desire for academic excellence compelled me to invest in my own writing education beginning in high school. My teachers had always considered me a capable writer, and so had I. Nearing the conclusion of my primary education, I presented drafts of my college application essays to my father. My essays were returned to me bleeding, my inadequate writing ability finally exposed.

Over the ensuing years, I consumed books on grammar and style, studied prose I wished to emulate, and sought feedback from accomplished writers. I learned that a disciplined thought process, a deep command of the English language, and an expressive vocabulary are essential elements of exceptional writing, and I set myself to the task of developing such a framework.

My efforts earned me an invitation to work at the Emory Writing Center. There, I underwent rigorous training on how to teach writing and subsequently tutored hundreds of undergraduate students whose primary education had likewise lacked an effective writing curriculum.
Writing is a tool of expression necessary to convey ideas in virtually all branches of academic study. My programs introduce writing concepts in a structured, systematic manner designed to produce students who arrive at university equipped with this skill in hand; such students are gifted the freedom to concentrate on course content without belaboring the task of writing.
The individualized feedback, thoughtful writing lessons, and perspective-changing conversations about the English language that I received from a myriad of gifted mentors over the last decade serve as the model for what I strive to bring to students of all backgrounds and ages.

For years, I have dreamed of concretizing my vision for premier writing instruction. I appreciate your early support and feedback, which encouraged me to pursue this venture as a full-time career.

Yours truly,

Sydney Hoff
Founder of Rose Writing Center

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